[Actually] If you close a private door, do you go to a nearby state or public office? I asked.


Recently, 바카라사이트추천 more and more kindergartens have been closing down on the move to reform private kindergartens. In response, the government said it would quickly increase public and public kindergartens. First of all, the plan is to increase the number of public kindergartens by 1,80 classes so that 20,000 more children can attend. We're running out of time, so we're going to make 60 percent of the schools share facilities with elementary schools, and 30 percent of the kindergartens.

The government says teachers may be worried if they are ready in such a hurry, but they have already secured half of the teachers and the rest are already certified as waiters or teachers after school. As the government says, the number of public and public kindergartens is getting wider, so this is good news to welcome. But the problem is that we have to get out of a private kindergarten to close down right now.

The government said they would place these kids in nearby public kindergartens, but Reporter Park Se-yong actually asked them at the corner to see if this would work.


[Yu Eun-hye, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education for Social Affairs (Oct. 28): If the ministry informs the parents that it will close, the education ministry and the education office can place the children of the kindergarten in a variety of places, such as public and public kindergartens or public daycare centers nearby.]

It was the remarks made by Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Eun-hye at the end of October.

Recently, a private kindergarten in Seoul notified parents of the closure, and there are about 80 children.

So, as the Deputy Prime Minister said, were they placed in a nearby state-run office? No.

Why did you notice that there was more than three weeks before the Deputy Prime Minister ordered me to go to the first school in late October and accepted my state application?

I think it would have been easy if I had prepared a plan. I just did a national and public raffle without measures for the children who lost the job.

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