A storm of 'Yeongri Hospital Permit' from Jeju Island...What's the issue?

Today, the National Assembly held a press conference against Jeju Island's approval of its first for-profit hospital yesterday, and the medical association also visited the island to protest. At the root of this backlash, our public health system, which is now rated the highest in the world, can be destroyed. There's this anxiety at stake. Let's find out what's 우리카지노계열 wrong with this reporter, Lee Sang-hwa, and what we haven't discussed yet.

Lee Sang-hwa, the general perception is that most of the hospitals around us are actually private hospitals, and doctors are making a lot of money. There are, of course, some people who claim that they don't make much money.Ma. So, you may think you're already doing a commercial activity. What's wrong with a commercial hospital?


The ratio of public health institutions in Korea is about 5.7%.

The rest are private hospitals.

But not all private hospitals mean profit hospitals.

Medical law restricts the right to establish private hospitals to non-

Seoul National University Hospital and Samsung Seoul Hospital were founded by non-profit corporations such as schools and social welfare corporations.

These hospitals can only use their income for labor, equipment and research, even if they have income.

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