"Unknown Event" vs. "Best Gift"...the divided opposition camp over Kim Jong Un's return visit.

"At the last inter-Korean summit in Panmunjom, Kim Jong Un promised President Moon within a year," Hong said on his Facebook page.

"The deadline is now approaching," he said. "If we return to the North this time, we should tell the world media about our commitment to denuclearization."

"If last year was an event 실시간배팅 aimed at the local elections, this event would have been seen as an event to blanket economic tyranny and prepare for a change in the social system," Hong said. "I thought it would be urgent, but I thought it would be a card to use in advance of the general elections, but the government felt a sense of crisis."

"If we look at those who have been dragging their administration to events and shows, let's see how long the people will be fooled by the show," he concluded.

Five-year moratorium on the Tripartite Commission, Gwangju-style jobs. Is there a solution?

It is the labor condition that hinders Gwangju-style jobs. The labor community opposes the requirement to postpone wage and collective agreements until the time of production of 350,000 units (about five years) as a violation of the three labor rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions argues that Gwangju-style jobs will eventually lead to the expansion of low-wage, bad-paying jobs. At this rate, not only Gwangju-style jobs but also similar attempts will fail. Is there any connection? 

According to the labor and 야구토토 academic circles on Monday, it is difficult to have legal binding force to withhold wages for a certain period of time, such as the method discussed in Gwangju-style jobs. The labor union law sees the main body of collective bargaining as a union, as it is still in the pre-employment stage. With no one hired, the legal effect could be a problem as labor and management have consultations to limit labor rights, said Park Sang-in, a professor at the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University. Moreover, even if they negotiate with labor unions later on, the legal effect of collective agreements under the current law is only valid for two years.

However, experts say that a moratorium on wage increases is not something that is illegal or useless. "The moratorium on employee participation and promotion of cooperation is based on the 'Act on Promotion of Workers' Participation and Cooperation' instead of the labor law, and it is possible for the union to scrap it later, but it is not illegal for Hyundai to have a moratorium on making domestic investment decisions at the board meeting," said Park Myung-joon, a senior official at the Economic and Social Labor Committee.

What if there's a flaw, it's half the price... We call it a refurbishment.

On the 2nd, at 1 p.m. on the 2nd, Orland Aullet in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. The refurbished 500 square meters of floor space were crowded with about 100 customers looking around kimchi refrigerators, TVs, and vacuum cleaners. Kim Sang-chul, 58, who came from Incheon, said, I came to see a wedding gift for my daughter, who is getting married early 해외배팅사이트 next year. Kim bought a Dyson air purifier for 490,000 won, 45 percent off the fixed price. "From families ahead of the relocation to newlywed couples, we expect to see sales of 76.5 billion won this year," said Kim Nam-joong, a 31-year-old executive at Allland Aullet.

Amid the deepening economic recession, refurbished stores across the country are opening up. A refurbished store is a place where customers import and sell products that are returned simply for customer change, or that are used for exhibition purposes and that have minor defects. The products used are also diverse in TVs from Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, bookshelf in Hansam, and kimchi refrigerator in Dae-Uwinia. Due to popularity of refurbished products, the number of offline refurbished stores increased from about 100 last year to around 300 this year. Industries estimate that size of refurbished markets this year will be around $8.8 billion (10 trillion KRW), which is about 30% increase from last year.

Cigarette and alcoholic beverages The lifespan of men has increased by 15 years.

A 58-year-old businessman in Milyang, South Gyeongsang Province, has smoked. Three or four times a week, I drank more than a bottle of soju. I enjoyed dining together and ate meat often. He was 173 centimeters tall and weighed 85 kilograms. I started taking medicine at the age of 50 because of high blood pressure. Park signed up for the health center's smoke-free program early last year, hoping that it would no longer work. I quit smoking in three months, drink less often, and 사설토토사이트 drink only one beer when I drink. I started walking and changed my greasy diet. Now I've lost my weight to 78kg and my blood pressure has dropped quite a bit. The blood sugar level was pre-diabetic, but now it's back to normal. "I feel light and young after smoking and taking regular exercise and dieting," Park said. 

With more people like Park, the life expectancy of men is rising faster than that of women. According to the National Statistical Office's life chart, the life expectancy of men last year is 79.7 years. He is 15.1 years older than 1985. The number of women who are aged 12.5 (from 73.2 to 85.7) has risen. The gap between men and women has narrowed to six years. It expanded from 7.1 in 70 to 8.6 in 1985. It was a man's ordeal. Since then, the gap has gradually decreased. The number of male adults aged over 80 has increased, with 32 percent of them male last year. In 1992, it was 25.9 percent (based on the resident registration population).

Death of an infectious disease and a brain vascular disease

A (62) received hematopoietic stem cells (bone marrow) at the end of last year to treat blood cancer (multiple bone marrow). The operation was successful. However, it was oddly pneumonia that threatened her life. The implantation was immunized against the body to prevent rejection, as the previously inoculated pneumonia vaccine antibodies lost 사설토토사이트 power in the process. A is currently on the deathbed at a university hospital.

○ Death of an infection, 2.6 times in 10 years

The number of patients who overcome incurable diseases is increasing as many as the number of patients who suffer from basic infectious diseases. Kim Mo-ran, a professor of cancer management at the National Cancer Center, said on Monday, "After analyzing the causes of the deaths of 285,534 people last year, 28,605 people died from infectious diseases such as pneumonia (10 percent of all deaths)." Last year, the number of people who died from cerebral infarction was higher than 23,745 people.

It is the first time that the death rate of infectious diseases has been double-digit. In 1997, when the National Statistical Office began compiling the cause of death in detail, the number of deaths from infectious diseases soared to 8,143 (3.4 percent), but the number of deaths from infectious diseases soared to 18,35 (4.4 percent) in 2007 and 18,430 (6.9 percent) in 2012. Epidemiological diseases are considered to be symbols of poor medical infrastructure, and the increase in infectious deaths is a surprise given the development of Korean medical technology.

The most common cases of infectious diseases are pneumonia (19,378 people), accounting for 68 percent. It is more than double the total number of deaths from all other infectious diseases, including septicemia (3994), tuberculosis (1816), and enteritis (893). The death rate of pneumonia in Korea is the highest among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries (49).

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