[Total] Foreign Lottery on the pretext of prize money...43.1 billion fraud


A group of people who only took money was caught buying a lottery ticket instead. There are several sites where you can buy foreign lottery tickets, and you need to be careful.

It's a solo report by 토토사이트 Bae Jeong-hoon.


It's 2016 U.S. Lottery Powerball draw.

At that time, the prize was 1.58 billion dollars, or 1.9 trillion won, in Korean money.

Mr. A bought 13 million won worth of lottery tickets on the site where he bought them instead.

[Powerball Purchaser: You say you can make a person feel bad? (Money) I do it every time I have it, and it's a big deal.]

The police investigation found that it was a scam.

Police say the suspects sold the tickets to their victims at a commission, but did not buy the tickets in the U.S.

If it matches the actual winning number, he gave the prize money to make it a lure.

Police say they stole 43.1 billion won from 312 people, using not only lottery tickets but also foreign stocks and gifts.

[Kim Sun-kyum, Cyber Crime Team of the North Kyonggi Province Police Agency: All 15 people were arrested and arrested, and five people are currently working with Interpol in the process of fleeing the country.)

The problem is that there are still many of these foreign lottery buying agencies.

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